Alienation Chrome Cruiser

$139.00 - $264.00
SKU: 50250
Spoke Color:
Nipple Color:

Alienation PBR cruiser rim?

We purposely selected this rim due to its unique strength and profile design. The PBR's center section at, at 2.5mm is extra thick, about 43% thicker than conventional single wall rims. This material reinforcement serves a dual purpose, it boosts the rim's structural strength, but also offers the most strength specifically to support spoke tension. In this manner, the PBR is simple yet elegant in its form meets function focused aesthetic.

 Given the fact that you can configure your dream 26" cruiser wheel set with your preference of hub, spoke, nipple, and rim color, what are you waiting for?

 Brief: Custom 26" cruiser wheel set.
Rim: Alienation PBR Chrome, 31.3mm wide, 36 holes
Front Hub: Front alloy bolt-on hub, silver or black
Rear Hub: Coaster brake bolt-on hub, silver or black
Rear Hub option: Shimano Coaster brake, Nexus 3 Spd, Nexus 8 Spd; Two Speed kickback coaster brake, black.
Spokes: Silver or Black Stainless
Nipples: Brass nipples for superior strength and corrosion resistance.
Valve Type: Schraeder