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DT Swiss XRC 330 1380g 26 Disc Carbon Wheel Set

26" 1380 gram Carbon XC wheelset

Was: $1,500.00 - $1,550.00
Now: $499.00 - $549.00
Stan's Arch EX 26 Custom Build

Stan's Arch EX rims are one of the most popular XC/Trail options.  Comes with tubeless tape & valves installed.

$379.99 - $629.99
Stan's Flow EX 26 Custom Build

Stan's Flow EX rims are one of the most popular All Mountain options.  Comes with tubeless tape & valves installed.

$379.99 - $629.99
XC Pro 1320g 26 Disc Wheel Set

Pros need the best.  The Pure XC Pro 1320g Tubeless Ready (TR) wheel set delivers exactly that.  Built with no less than 64 spokes, (32F & R 3x), the new XC Pro wheels deliver incredible performance, convertible axles, and a wide range of tire / tubeless compatibility.

$369.00 - $419.00
Pure XM Pro 1400g*

One of our best wheel sets, ever.  Approaching insanely light weight wheel territroy, while still offering 20mm of inner width, 32 spokes front and rear, convertible hubs, interchangeable freehubs, oversized axles, still going and going and going.

Was: $549.00 - $649.00
Now: $349.99 - $449.99
Pure XM Comp

One of the best wheel sets in the world right now for real everyday riding conditions.  In the absense of need for a highly focused 'spec'd' wheel set, this is your best option.

Was: $499.00 - $579.00
Now: $299.99 - $379.99
XC SLR 1520g 26 disc wheel set

Extremely light, extremely fast entry level 1520g race wheel set, still strong enough for everyday XC fast single track riding.

$299.00 - $379.00
Down Hill - Gravity Pro

Tubeless DH Rim with 23mm inner width

Was: $749.99
Now: $239.99
Mavic XC717 Disc Black
Was: $399.99 - $484.99
Now: $199.99 - $284.99
Mavic EN321 Shimano XT 26 Disc Black

This wheel set built with Mavic's stupendous EN321 rims contains a special kind of "00's" awesomeness that rims designed in this most recent decade will simply never possess.

Was: $299.99 - $364.99
Now: $189.99 - $254.99
Sun Inferno 25 Disc Black
Was: $299.99 - $359.99
Now: $179.99 - $239.99
26 Down Hill

26" Down Hill / FreeRide disc rims, super wide 27.5mm inner profile, approximately 640g each.  Perfect for big volume tires.  Customize them with the available hub axle options, depending on your fork/bike.

Was: $599.00
Now: $179.99
Mavic EX721 + Shimano XT 6Bolt

The Mavic EX721 is about as good as good gets, in general terms of awesomeness.

Was: $349.00 - $359.00
Now: $179.99 - $189.99
Trail 26 disc wheel set

The 26" disc Trail rim has a strong, wide profile.  At 460g, and with a 20mm inner width, you can expect a lot of performance from your XC tires.

Pure XM

The Pure XC matches light weight with a strong profile.

Was: $299.00 - $329.00
Now: $169.99 - $199.99
Sun Rhyno Lite 26 wheel set with Shimano XT disc

The Sun Rhyno Lite is a known rim. It has been known for decades.

Was: $279.99 - $289.99
Now: $169.99 - $179.99
Pure MT + Shimano XT 6bolt Black
Was: $289.99
Now: $159.99
V-brake 26 wheel set with Shimano XT disc

The Pure V Shimano XT 26" mountain bike wheel set is both V-brake and 6-bolt disc compatible.

Was: $299.99 - $309.99
Now: $159.99 - $169.99
XCR 1720g 26 disc Wheel Set

The welded, 26" disc XCR rim is designed for fast XC riding and racing.

Sun Inferno 23 Shimano 26 Disc

Sun Inferno 23's offer real quality and performance, at a minimun of cost