Pure XM Comp

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If you’re looking for one of the best well rounded MTB disc sets on the planet right now, you’ve come to exactly the right spot.  Pure XM Comp wheels are very light, strong, and versatile.  Wheel set weights vary slightly depending on which axle configuration you select, but a 15 TA front and 142x12mm rear set will weigh in at about 1515g with rim stickers.  You’re asking about the rim specifically though?  The Pure XM Comp rim is 21mm tall, 26.5mm wide, with a 21mm inner width between the bead hooks.  This is an “XM” rim by today’s most recent application of the definition, but only a year or two ago this rim would have out classed the bulk of AM rims.  This progression yields three facts:

1.       The Pure XM Comp rim kicks some serious dirt

2.       The continual evolution of rim design, (current XM rims excelling past yesteryear’s AM rims), is only beneficial to the consumer.

3.       Current AM rims are going even crazier wide, into the 23-25mm inner segment, pushing clear into FR rim range.

A few years ago, high quality 21mm wide (inner) rims would easily weigh anywhere from 540g (Mavic EN 521 disc), to north of 600g – 650g.  And that was top end, crème de la crème stuff.  Primo, Top Notch, Top Drawer, Numero Uno, Best of the Best rims.  Oh how times have changed.  At approximately 385g, the Pure XM Comp is light, as in lighter than most skinny XC rims; yet still wide and tall, creating an extremely stiff tube cross section profile via the utilization of expensive super alloys.  The rim includes stainless eyelets, and we’re building them 32 three cross (3x).  The net result?  Pure XM Comp wheel are extremely light, strong, durable, and love to run a wide range of your favorite tires.

Pure D400 hubs offer rock solid engagement, (24 POE/15 degrees via a 3x2 freehub based pawl design), are extremely light weight, easy to convert to accommodate various front and rear axle standards, and are easy to service and maintain.  Oh, one more thing, you can also easily swap between a Shimano/Sram 8/9/10 speed compatible freehub and Sram XD 11spd freehub, so there’s that too.  At the end of the day, you want your hubs to work without a bunch of hassle; fortunately we understand where you’re coming from.  Message received...

We’re building Pure XM Comp wheels with a specialty Sapim double butted wire spoke product, to maximize the light weight focus of this disc brake wheel set.  The referenced wheel set weight of 1515g is with alloy nipples, but we’re still offering brass nipple options for the core riders that have to have it their way.  These wheels go to 11, its time to ride.

Brief: MTB Race bred wheel set 26”
Rim: Pure XM Comp® advanced aluminum alloy, 385g/ea, 21mm tall x 26.5mm wide x 21mm inner, 32 holes, sleeved, disc specific w/ eyelets, black anodized
Hubs: Pure D400 6 bolt disc, Front - 150g (15TA), Rear D400 – 260g (QR), 32 holes, Shimano/Sram 8/9/10 speed compatible, or Sram XD 1x11 spd compatible, please select
Spokes: Sapim black double butted stainless, 14/17g
Nipples: Brass (default), alloy optional, please select
Valve Type: Presta
Tire Sizes: 26” x 1.7 – 2.4