Mavic EX721 + Shimano XT 6Bolt

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The Mavic EX721 is about as good as good gets, in general terms of awesomeness.  In fact, on the completely subjective scale of awesomeness rating one to ten, these probably come in at around a 9, maybe even a 9.2 if you stretched.  (One point deduction for the difficult to read decals emphasizing subject model name design subtraction.)  But on a more relevant scale of objectivity, the Mavic EX721 probably comes in closer to a ten.  Riders contacting us commonly are concerned about weight, rim width, tire compatibility, live-ability (easy of tire installation).  I can tell you that the Mavic EX721 is concerned with none of these things, they are that good!

We’re building these EX721’s with Shimano XT 6-bolt disc hubs.  Now I know, I know you’re about to say, “what about if I have a 15mm Thru Axle fork?”  Well let me tell you, we’ve got you covered!  Now there’s an option to select either a front QR OR a 15mm Thru axle hub, both are 6-bolt disc compatible.  The rear 6-bolt disc hub, (Shimano MTB 8/9/10/11 speed compatible) is available as a 135mm QR option, contact us if you’re looking for something, ahem, shall we say “more in the now”?

There’s no spoke option to select from.  That’s because we’re already building these with DT Swiss Competition spokes.  Competition spokes are great, about as good as spokes can get until you spend a whole truckload of money, maybe even a boatload, just depends on your particular set of circumstances.  As far as nipples go, we're keeping it basic with brass.

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