Mavic TN719 disc black

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The Mavic TN719 is a tempting rim that builds into pretty sweet 29er wheel sets.  Mavic’s Maxtal metal alloy seems to offer a lot of strength for its weight, meaning that wheels built with Mavic’s best rims can handle abuse in a whole class above their general rim weight category, the TN719 rim is no exception.  Just to add to the sweetness, TN719’s are welded, eyeletted, and finished to an exacting degree.

We’re building up TN719 29er wheel sets with Shimano XT 6-bolt disc or XT centerlock disc hubs.  There’s an option to select DT Swiss stainless stell straight gauge spokes with brass nipples, or DT Swiss Competition spokes, (double butted), with alloy nipples.  Both options work great, we recommend straight gauge spokes with brass nipples if you know you have a history of abusing wheel sets.  Competition spokes work just as well, but with lighter weight alloy nipples, they have more of a race oriented spec.