XDisc 29er + Shimano 6bolt disc

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The XDisc 29er disc wheels are a great upgrade wheel set.  They are designed to offer a step up from basic OE (original equipment) 29er sets found on most bikes, but does so at a tremendous value.  The Pure XDisc 29er disc rim has a 19mm inner width, same as the Mavic TN719, and 1 mm more than the Inferno 23, all-in-all, not too shabby.  For further comparison, many OE 29er wheel sets have rims with inner widths of 17 or 18mm.  Having a slightly wider inner width helps the tire open up a little in the rim, improving tire tread traction and tire stability.  The rims are both schrader valve and presta valve compatible, (they have a plastic presta insert in the valve hole), and feature single stainless eyelets around the spoke holes.  The XDisc 29er rims build into strong, stiff, and reliable wheels.  

We are building these wheels with quick release Shimano Alivio 6-bolt disc hubs. These are a great upgrade from basic OE "mtb no-name" hubs.  They offer reliability, strength, and are universally recognized at any local bike shop.  The front and rear wheels are built with quantity 32 DT Swiss black stainless steel spokes, laced three cross with brass nipples.  This is a great, solid, 29er wheel set, built with quality components through out, and is highly recommended for anyone who wants a decent set of non-race oriented wheels at a stellar price.

The "HD" wheel set option uses all identical component spec, but the front and rear wheels are built with 36 spokes laced three cross.  Select this option if you know you're hard on wheels, or need a wheel set that offers supreme wheel strength and durability.