Sun Inferno 23 29er Custom

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$199.99 - $284.99
SKU: 70805
Front Hub:
Rear Hub:
Spokes & Nipples:
Rim Tape:

You ever hear the Harold Faltermeyer Top Gun Anthem sounding in your head when you look at bicycle wheels?  That’s exactly what you should hear when you look at Sun Inferno 23 29er wheels.  In fact, if you don’t, there might be something wrong, here's what we're talking about…Top Gun Anthem (Warning Language)

We’re building these Inferno 23’s with Shimano XT 6-bolt hubs, or Pure D400 sealed bearing convertible axle 6-bolt disc hubs.   There’s a Deore hub option in there too, just to spice things up a bit.   Spoke options are on point, DT Swiss Champion straight gauge black with brass nipples, or an upgrade option with DT Competition double butted black with silver alloy nipples.

These wheels will work pretty well for hard pack and fast XC/XM.  The rim’s 18mm inner width is the only limiting factor, since you won’t want to run wider 2.35’s or greater.

Thanks for checking them out.