Pure Enduro Pro 650b

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Tired of bloated, overweight alloy MTB rims designed for mass produced bikes?  So are we. 

The Pure Enduro 650b is the antithesis of such rim nonsense.  Pro level riders want strong and reliable wheels that will stand up to their abuse, but their wheels also have to be light weight and fast.  That’s what we achieved with the Pure Enduro Pro wheels.  The rim component itself is 420g, which is very light for a 650b, 21mm wide inner rim.  The rim’s outer width x height, however, is what creates the strong, stable platform for this wheel set’s outstanding performance and strength.  The top Pro level build is a composition of the absolute finest wheel components available.  Considering these wheels are built with 32 spokes front and rear, you will be hard pressed to find a lighter, faster, better built wheel set anywhere.

Probably one of the best productions ever, (warning: spoiler alert).



Wheel Weights

Front 749 (g)*
Rear 849 (g)*
Set 1598 (g)*


Pure Enduro Pro 650b
Joint Sleeved
Weight 420 (g)*
Height 21
Width 26
Inner 21
Color Pure Black
Valve Schrader/Presta
Valve Length
32mm +/-

Front Hub

Pure D400
Weight 160 (g)*
Hole Count 32
Axle AL

Rear Hub

Pure D400
Weight 260 (g)*
Hole Count 32
Axle / OLD 145.5mm / 135mm
Freehub AL


Sapim D-Light
Color Black
Front Weight 159 (g)*
Rear Weight 159 (g)*
Set Weight 318 (g)*


DT Alloy Black
Front Weight 10 (g)*
Rear Weight 10 (g)*
Set Weight 20 (g)*

QR Information

Front QRF59
Rear QRR66

*All listed weights are approximate


  1. Is Qty 1 the price for one wheel or the wheel set?
    Qty 1 = 1 wheel set, the price includes the front wheel, the rear wheel, and QR levers if applicable (Ex: QR hubs, Thru Axle hubs do not come with QR levers)
  2. How long does it take to ship once I place my order?
    Each wheel set is custom built by us, by hand, and usually takes us 2 - 3 business days after an order is received. Wheel sets with CX-Ray spokes sometimes take an additional 1 - 2 days to ship.
  3. How do I buy extra spokes incase one breaks?
    We have yet to make a priority to sell extra spokes. We very rarely, (emphasis on rare) hear of an issue regarding a need to replace a broken spoke. We insist on using the best rims, hubs, spokes, and nipples. Combined with exemplary built wheels, means that they really aren't needed. We are considering making them available for sale however; we are frequently contacted by riders looking for a spoke solution for wheel sets that originally came with bike.
  4. What else do I need to make these work?
    That varies, but in most cases, you will still need to install a rim strip or rim tape, the tire and inner tube. You will also need to install your cassette on your rear wheel. We recommend this work to be performed by an experienced / professional bicycle mechanic, specialized tools are needed, and it is recommended that proper bike function is inspected everytime you change bicycle components/wheels.

    We do not recommend that said bicycle mechanic "takes a look" at the wheels to "touch them up". Invariably, wheel truing equipment available to bike shops is not capable of indicating tolerance measurements as our equipment. Any "touch ups" at the shop level will be greater/and therefor less precise, than the truing adjustments we make when we build your wheels. Visual Cues that a wheel needs "touching up" are frequently misleading, rim seams, rim labels, tires/tubes, even the manner in which a wheel is positioined in a bike frame can all manifest into a visual cue that makes the rim appear out of true. Aside from needing tires, a cassette, etc. your wheels will be ready to ride out of the box.
  5. Why are your wheels so inexpensive?
    Simple, low overhead. You're wheel set price is not pumped up to pay for expensive team/rider sponsorships, nor huge advertising campaigns. We don't have to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars built into the cost of each wheel set in order to recover from such types of expenses. Repeat customers and word-of-mouth lends to the bulk of our sales. Forum discussions and blogs also contributes heavily. We frequently receive emails from our customers indicating extreme approval of their new wheels, and the associated savings they enjoyed from making their purchase with Bicycle Wheel Warehouse.