Blackset Race 16 24x20mm 415g

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BlacksetRace24 - 24mm

The Blackset Race rim is our best selling welded road rim.  Representing the highest quality, Blackset Race rims are easy to build with (true up), live with (mount your tires), and tend to last an exceptionally long time.  When we began building with them, (beyond just for testing) circa 2006, a 30mm tall rim was considered "aero", and aside from a few offerings, carbon road rims were little more than an idea.  In the decade since, we've built thousands of wheels with the Blackset Race, and have expanded it's "special formula" into new, wider and taller profiles found in the BSR26, 28TR, and 30TR rims.


Type - Clincher

Material - Aluminum alloy

Dimensions (HxWxInner) - 24mm x 20mm x 15mm

Brake Track - CNC machined  8.9mm tall

Wgt (avg) - 415g

Valve - Presta

Joint Type - Welded

ERD - 594 (This rim has an overbuilt center apex to support nipple stress and strengthen the overall profile)