Clearance 26'' MTB 6-bolt Disc

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$143.45 - $443.45
SKU: Clear26

Pricing for below items is for the wheel SET, (front and rear).  Qty 1 = 1 wheel set.


Please ignore the "Weight" column below, which is used to add additional weight to the average, if need be, for purposes of UPS shipment calculations.  For most sets the value will be "0 LBS".

26" mtb disc wheel set:
SKUWheel IDRim (Hgt x Wdt x Inn)Hub (QR / 6-bolt)Spokes/NipplesSet Wgt (g)WeightPriceQty
CL4350Pure Enduro Pro / XCR-XMPure Enduro Pro welded (black texture ano) 17.9x26.8x19.8Pure XCR 20TA (black) - Pure XM QR (black ano)DT Comp 2.0/1.8 Black / Alloy Red1883g0 LBS Add $168.45
CL4360Pure Enduro Pro / SLX centerlockPure Enduro Pro (black texture ano) 17.9x26.8x19.8Shimano SLX centerlock (grayish)Pure Enduro Pro ?XED44 (black texture ano) 17.9x26.8x19.81934g0 LBS Add $150.45
CL4510Pure XCR BluePure XCR (BLUE ano) 18.8x23.9x17.5Pure XCR (GOLD ano)Titanium TI-DYE / Alloy Purple1523g0 LBS Add $270.45
CL4540Pure XCR White / XCR GoldPure XCR (WHITE) 18.8x23.9x17.5Pure XCR (GOLD ano)DT Revolution 1.8/1.5 Silver / Alloy Red1550g0 LBS Add $184.45
CL4550Pure XCR White / XTRPure XCR (WHITE) 18.8x23.9x17.5Shimano XTR centerlock (975)DT Comp 2.0/1.8 Black / Alloy Silver1648g0 LBS Add $312.45
CL4630DT EX 5.1D / XTR 20TADT EX 5.1D (black ano) 20x27.9x20.6Shimano XTR (965) Centerlock Front 20x110TA / Rear QRDT Comp 2.0/1.8 Black / Alloy Silver1916g0 LBS Add $325.45
CL4660Pure XC / XCRPure XC (black ano, welded) 18.9x23.2x17.8Pure XCR (Black ano)DT 2.0 Stainless Black / Brass1707g0 LBS Add $148.45
CL4680Pure XC / XCRPure XC (black ano, welded) 18.9x23.2x17.8Pure XCR (Turquoise ano)DT Comp 2.0/1.8 Black / Brass Black1674g0 LBS Add $156.45
CL4730Pure XM / SLX centerlockPure XM (black ano) 20.5x23.3x17Shimano SLX centerlock (grayish)DT 2.0 Stainless Black / Brass Black1970g0 LBS Add $143.45
CL4870Alex Scandium XCR Pro / Pure XCRAlex Scandium XCR Pro (black ano) 15.8x23.2x18.3Pure XCR (Black ano)DT Revolution 1.8/1.5 Black / Alloy Silver1368g0 LBS Add $320.45
CL4880Alex Scandium XCR Pro / DT 240DT Revolution 1.8/1.5 Black / Alloy SilverDT 240 BlackDT Revolution 1.8/1.5 Black / Alloy Silver1333g0 LBS Add $443.45