Clearance 700c Fixed/Single wheel sets

$78.45 - $92.45
SKU: ClearFixed

Pricing for below items is for the wheel SET, (front and rear).  Qty 1 = 1 wheel set.


Please ignore the "Weight" column below, which is used to add additional weight to the average, if need be, for purposes of UPS shipment calculations.  For most sets the value will be "0 LBS".

clearance 700c Fixed-Single wheels:
SKUWheel IDRim (Hgt x Wdt x Inn)Hub (Bolt-On) w/ Fixed/Single RearSpokes/NipplesSet Wgt (g)WeightPriceQty
CL9170Sun Venus / Formula Loose BallSun Venus (black ano) 25.3x19.7x13.8Formula Loose Ball Track (black ano)DT 2.0 Stainless Black / Brass2134g0 LBS Add $78.45
CL9190Pure RT / Formula Loose BallPure RT (silver ano) 20x21x16Formula Loose Ball Track (silver ano)DT 2.0 Stainless Silver / Brass2144g0 LBS Add $92.45