Pure Aero 30x19mm 470g

Black CNC sidewall
Solid Black ano
Red CNC sidewall
Solid Red ano
White CNC sidewall
Silver Mirror ano
Gray Blue CNC sidewall
Gold CNC sidewall
Solid Gold ano
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Pure Aero - 30mm

The Pure Aero rim is our fastest, strongest, road race rim.  It's one of the best rims available to work with anywhere, which is why our Pure Aero wheels are so great, and represent one of the best values around.  Match these with a pair of light weight hubs and quality double butted spokes, and you're easily looking at a low to mid 1500g wheel set, without trying that hard.

But let's not forget about looks, where the Pure Aero's really shine.  Their anodized finish shines brilliantly.  And at 30mm tall and 470g, the Pure Aero is light enough to climb with and race on.


Type - Clincher

Material - Aluminum alloy

Dimensions (HxWxInner) - 30mm x 19mm x 14mm

Brake Track - CNC machined  9.0mm tall

Wgt (avg) - 470g

Valve - Presta

Joint Type - Sleeved

ERD - 583 (This rim has an overbuilt center apex to support nipple stress and strengthen the overall profile)