Pure Tour 30x21mm 570g

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Pure Tour - 30mm

The Pure Tour rim is combat ready.  Strong is a great adjective to start with in the process of conveying the Tour rim's excellence.  Purposeful to its core, every aspect of the Pure Tour is dedicated to faithful service.  The brake track is extra tall, easy to live with, and has a pronounced/channeled visual wear indicator that dissipates heat under heavy braking.

At 30mm tall and 21mm wide, the Pure Tour rim's thick structure easily accomodates heavy touring payloads and/or tandem riders over countless, worryfree miles.  Thanks to the Pure Tour's design, at 570g this rim is ready for anything, without the super massive blunt force material bloat commonly found on other heavy duty type 700c clincher rims.  At it's heart, it's still a performance rim, just with the added benefit of super strength.  This exceptional performance capability has helped the Pure Tour rims find a permenant home on hundreds of bikes, and counting.


Type - Clincher

Material - Aluminum alloy

Dimensions (HxWxInner) - 30mm x 21mm x 15.5mm

Brake Track - CNC machined  9.5mm tall

Wgt (avg) - 570g

Valve - Presta

Joint Type - Pinned

ERD - 583 (This rim has an overbuilt center apex to support nipple stress and strengthen the overall profile)