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Speed Tuned MTR36 Asym 26 Custom Build

The Sun Ringle Duroc 35 (32mm inner) is an extremely competitive wheel set option, even going so far as to 'best its peers' along several metrics.  Comes with tubeless tape & valves installed.

$599.99 - $849.99
Down Hill - Gravity Pro

Tubeless DH Rim with 23mm inner width

Was: $449.99
Now: $249.99
Sun MTX39 26 disc wheel set

The Sun MTX is as serious as it gets.  The rim has a super tall, super wide profile.  Using them for a bicycle wheel is sort of like using an I-beam for a handle bar.

$169.99 - $249.99
Sun King Pin Shimano 26 wheel set

If Thor and Zeus raced dual slalom down the side of Everest, its entirely conceivable that whomever was riding this King Pin wheel set would most likely be the winner.