Sun Inferno 25 27.5 1830g Disc Wheel Set

DT Swiss Black Stainless
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SKU: 70812-650
Front Speed Tuned Axle Options:
Rear Pure D400 Axle Options:


**Wheelset update: Due to inventory constraints, the front hub for this set will have to be built up with a hub upgrade of the Speed Tuned 1.0 gen front hub.**

The Sun Inferno series rims was Sun's first linear, comprehensive foray into the MTB rim market with their own branded product line, at least as far back as we can remember.  The Inferno rims are weight competitive, easy to live with in terms of tire installation, perform well, come in varying widths from narrow XC to wide whatever, and are budget friendly; all without skimping on quality.  While Sun-Ringle produces rims for other rim/bike brands, Sun Inferno's are represented in their own catalog.  

The Inferno 25 disc rim specifically features a 18.8mm tall profile height, and is 25mm wide with a 20.3mm inner width.  These rims have a single stainless eyelet, a presta valve hole, and weigh in at about 474g.

You can go all out with our fully convertible MTB D400 hubs. The D400 features 24 points of engagement with a 4 pawl free hub.  We've been using this hub set now for 6 years, it's solid.  The freehub can swap out between Sram and Shimano, (in case you swap bikes), and the end caps are convertible between a bunch of different axle standards.  True, the 24 POE has been eclipsed by many other higher POE count hubs that are currently in the marketplace.  But these hold up over time.

In "stock" form, these wheels are built with DT Swiss black stainless steel 2.0mm (14g) J-bend spokes in a 28 hole, three cross configuration front and rear.  These spokes are an upgrade over most "new bike" spokes.  Small details make big differences with regards to spoke wire, and even though there are lighter weight spoke options available, these straight gauge spokes still feature top quality stainless, with a precise finish that allows for precise wheel building.

Wheel Facts:

-Comes with rim tape installed.

-The Sun Inferno 25 (sleeved joint) 27.5 / 650b disc rim has an 20.3mm inner width, is 18.8mm tall, 25mm wide, features single stainless eyelets, presta valve, and weighs about 474g

-Recommended for use with 27.5" / 650b x 1.75 - 2.25" tires

-Front Wheel = approx. 865g

-Rear Wheel = approx. 965g

-Wheel Set weight = approx. 1830g

-QR levers are included with their respective QR end cap selection