WTB Frequency i25 27.5 Custom Build

$379.99 - $479.99
SKU: 80260-650
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The WTB Frequency Team rim series offers two distinct WTB-isms, their "I-Beam construction" and their "4D drilling".  I-Beam construction refers to the fact that these rims have a vertical wall inside the rim's cavity, connection/supporting the rim's cross sections/profile.  If weight wasn't a penalty, I'm guessing many more rims would share this design technique.  WTB prevents these rims' weight from becoming bloated by paying careful attention to the rim's wall thickness and overall quality.  Kuddos to WTB, for having the moxy to do what's right, even if their rim product doesn't achieve absolute "lightest on the market" status.  It pays to hold your ground sometimes, especially when you're praying for a solid line down the slope.  4D drilling refers to WTB's added value tech of spoke hole drilling at a calculated angle.  Again, if money were no object, I'm guessing more double wall rims would have this kind of feature.  The benefit is that spoke and nipple alignment is improved, reducing their failure rate, and also helping with the wheel build finishing/trueing process.

The Frequency i25 Team rim has a 25mm tubeless ready inner profile, (comes with tape + valves installed), and offers excellent lateral strength and durability, especially given the rim's feathery 512g (our scale) weight.  These rims work on the trail, are easy to set up tubeless, (thanks to their TCS inner profile), and will work for a wide range of tires and pressures.  They're a light enough option for XC riding, but will hold up for Enduro days too.

You have the choice to go with Shimano XT centerlock or 6 Bolt loose ball bearing, cup+cone disc hubs, or upgrade a few notches with Speed Tuned D MTB sealed cartridge bearing disc hubs, (QR and TA, Shimano and XD available).

In "stock" form, these wheels are built with DT Swiss black stainless steel 2.0mm (14g) J-bend spokes in a 32 hole, three cross configuration front and rear.  These spokes are an upgrade over most "new bike" spokes.  Small details make big differences with regards to spoke wire, and even though there are lighter weight spoke options available, these straight gauge spokes still feature top quality stainless, with a precise finish that allows for precise wheel building.  That being said, there is a spoke upgrade option available, DT Swiss Competition Double Butted 2.0/1.8/2.0 black spokes. DT "Comp" spokes offer legendary quality and performance.  Even if you didn't know a thing about spokes, if you select this option, know that your wheels would come with a super top notch spoke product. Selecting "Comp" spokes and Alloy nipples will shave off approximately 80 - 85g from the wheel set.


Wheel Facts:

-Comes with tubeless tape & valves installed.

-The WTB Frequency i25 Team (sleeved joint) 27.5 (650b) disc rim has a 25mm tubeless ready inner width, is 19.5mm tall, 30mm wide, features WTB's I-Beam construction and 4D drilling, and weighs about 512g

-Recommended for use with 27.5 x 2.1 - 2.5" tires

-Wheel set weight with QR Shimano XT 6 bolt disc hubs and brass nipples is approximately 2190g (Black stainless w/ brass) or 2105g (Competition w/ Alloy); with Speed Tuned D MTB 15/142TA hubs (XD driver) the wheel set weight is approximately 2090g (Black stainless w/ brass) or 2005g (Competition w/ Alloy).  Wheel set weight will vary with end caps, freehub driver, spoke, and nipple selection.  Tape + Valves comes installed and adds approximately 35g for the wheel set, on average.