Mavic EN321 Shimano Deore 26 Disc Black

Was: $299.99 - $364.99
Now: $199.99 - $264.99
SKU: 70610-26
Disc Rotors (set of 2):

This wheel set built with Mavic's stupendous EN321 rims contains a special kind of "00's" awesomeness that rims designed in this most recent decade will simply never possess.

The EN321 was one of the great, affordable, all mountain "wide" rim options of the 00's.  If you remember, there was also the Mavic EX325 disc, but you had to pay more than a little weight penalty for those last 4mm of inner width.  No, the 321 was where it was at.  If that didn't work for you, you had no other option than to jump to the EX729, which to this day, holds a special place in our hearts.  What were we talking about again?  Oh yeah, the 321.  This rim has a 21mm inner width, a 19.8mm tall profile, and a 28mm outer.  Ours on hand weigh in at an average of 546g.  Not too shabby for a rim this capable, at the time.

This rim holds up to just about anything.  We're building these wheels with quick release (QR) Shimano Deore 6 Bolt loose ball bearing, cup+cone disc hubs, DT Swiss black stainless steel 2.0mm (14g) J-bend spokes in a 32 hole, three cross configuration front and rear.

These are quality rims, hubs, spokes and nipples.  The wheels include QR levers and rim tape.  Can you set them up tubeless?  I don't know, depends on whether or not you want to try.  Riders were running tubeless long before "tubeless ready" rims, so it's up to you.