Bicycle Wheel Warehouse is excited to announce that we are now building with Speed Tuned Super 6 hubs.  These hubs feature quality sealed cartridge Enduro bearings, an overbuilt engagement drive ring/pawl system designed for XD 1x11 and 1x12 drivetrains, convertable axle compatibility, and convertible freehub compatibility.  They will also be available in Boost and Non-Boost spacings.  Please feel free to contact us for more information, or visit the Speed Tuned directly.

Complete List of Speed Tuned Hubs Available
Front Hub Rear Hub in Shimano and XD
9 x 100mm QR 10 x 135mm QR
9 x 100mm Thru Axle 10 x 135mm Thru Axle
12 x 100mm Thru Axle 12 x 135mm Thru Axle
15 x 100mm Thru Axle 12 x 142mm Thru Axle
Boost 15 x 110mm Thru Axle Boost 12 x 148mm Thru Axle
20 x 110mm Thru Axle 12 x 150mm Thru Axle

We have added 3 new models to the Blackset Race family, what started as a basic 24mm deep race rim has evolved into an option for every club rider and racer.

BSR 24 - Classic race profile rim with a welded rim joint.

BSR 26 - Our widest BSR rim, great for the Gran Fondo and Century rider, designed for 25c-28c tires, and offering a more forgiving ride.

BSR 28 - A wide rim with a Semi-Aero profile and tubeless profile. This is the best all around rim we offer. 

BSR 30 - For the person looking for a Tubeless Aero rim with modern size dimensions.