Pure Commuter HD Shimano 700c Wheel Set

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Brief: Road Commuter HD/Asphalt wheel set 700C, great for heavy duty riders, carrying max payloads using larger volume road tires, (700x28 - 50mm)

The Pure Commuter HD rim as a philosophical entity can be thought of as an exaggeration or extension of the Pure Commuter’s ethos, only untempered by generally predefined limits of cycling on paved surfaces and within average rider weights/load factors.  The Pure Commuter HD pushes beyond the standard Pure Commuter’s already competent levels of strength, endurance, and capability; simply stated, the Pure Commuter HD is a beastly rim. 

At this far end of the spectrum of rim strength, there are only a few other rims orbiting in the near vicinity of the Commuter HD, such as the DT Swiss RR585, Pure Tour, and Velocity Chukker, (we don’t stock the Chukker).  If you’re interested in understanding the specific strengths and weakness between these in a comparative sense, feel free to ask us, but let it be known that these four rims are really in a class by themselves.

The Pure Commuter HD rim is 23mm tall, 24mm wide, and has a nice inner width that makes tire mounting a breeze.  AT 10.5mm tall, the CNC precision machined sidewalls are extra tall for easy brake adjustment, and the stainless steel spoke hole eyelets help these wheels withstand spoke tension.  Just in case you log miles by the tens of thousands, there’s a refined wear line indicator recessed in the CNC sidewall to help you gauge your progress.

We are building these Pure Commuter HDs up with your choice (please select) of 32 or 36 hole Shimano hubs, laced three cross front and rear.  This lace pattern offers excellent lateral strength while still allowing each wheel to absorb a fair amount of road vibration.  Thanks for taking a moment to check out these wheels.  If you happen to find a pair on your door step, it just may be one of the best, longest lasting upgrade you ever decide to invest in for your bicycle.

Wheel component details
Rim: Bicycle Wheel Warehouse Pure Commuter HD® 700c (ETRTO = 622x18.5), 32 or 36 holes, double wall with pinned joint, CNC machined sidewall with rim wear indicators, black ano, Schrader & Presta compatible
Hub Front: Shimano 105 5800 series silver or black (159g), or Shimano Ultegra 6800 series black (158g)
Hub Rear: Shimano 105 5800 series silver or black (350g), or Shimano Ultegra 6800 series black (328g), Shimano (& Sram) 8/9/10/11 speed compatible
Spokes / Nipples: DT Swiss silver or black stainless steel, 14g = 2.0mm with chrome plated Brass nipples
Valve Type: Schrader & Presta valve compatible
Tire Sizes: 700 x 28mm - 700 x 50mm

* All listed weights are based on an approximate average, actual weights may vary

** QR levers and 16mm Velox cloth rim tape included