Pure Commuter Shimano Claris 700c Wheel Set

Black rims/hubs/spokes option
Silver rims/hubs/spokes option
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MSRP: $220.00
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The Pure Commuter is one of our best selling Pure road wheel sets.  The spirit of cycling manifests in many forms, from the exhilaration of speed when tucked in tight on long descents, the thrill of pacing traffic between stop lights, to the simple quiet sense of pleasure and enjoyment of watching the sun rise above the horizon on your early morning ride in to work.  The Pure Commuter wheel set has been designed to offer a stable, reliable platform to offer those whom commute and partake in the spirit of cycling on a daily basis.

The Pure Commuter rim is 24mm tall, not because it’s trying to fulfill its aero tapered shape, but because the rim profile needs a calculated height above the CNC precision machined sidewalls to form a triangulated, super strong bar structure.  The sidewalls aren’t your average super thin flange of metal that has been shaved down to save every gram.  Quite to the contrary, the Pure Commuter’s sidewalls are extra thick, engineered to have more aluminum metal material to stand up against years and thousands of miles of hard braking.  Just in case you do logs miles by the tens of thousands, there’s a bold wear line indicator recessed in the CNC sidewall to help you gauge your progress.

We are building these Pure Commuters up with Shimano Claris 2400 series 8/9/10 spd hubs, laced three cross front and rear, using DT Swiss stainless steel, (silver or black) 2.0mm/14g spokes and brass nipples.  This lace pattern offers excellent lateral strength while still allowing each wheel to absorb a fair amount of road vibration.  Thanks for taking a moment to check out these wheels.  If you happen to find a pair on your door step, it just may be one of the best, longest lasting upgrade you ever decide to invest in for your bicycle.

Brief: Road Commuter/Asphalt wheel set 700C
Rim: Bicycle Wheel Warehouse Pure Commuter® 700c, 32 holes, pinned, with rim wear indicators, black or silver, 520g
Hub Front: Shimano 2400 – 143g, 32 holes
Hub Rear: Shimano 2400 – 379g, 32 holes, Shimano/Sram 8/9/10 speed compatible
Nipples: Brass nipples
Valve Type: Presta
Tire Sizes: 700 x 23 - 700 x 32

* All listed weights are based on an approximate average, actual weights may vary