Pure R70 / R240 Black Hub Set 311g

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$299.99 - $309.99
SKU: PR1200
Front Hub:
Rear Hub:
Rear Hub Freehub:

The sealed bearing front Bicycle Wheel Warehouse Road R70 hub is ultra light, about 71g. These hubs employ the use of high quality Japanese sealed cartridge bearings.  The hub flanges have a large distance between them, creating a pronounced spoke bracing angle to the rim, helping "stiffen" the front wheel laterally.

The rear R241 cassette hub is exceptionally light, at 241g, and features an advanced aluminum alloy outer hub shell with a steel inner body, for weight savings and strength. The cassette free hub body engages via a double 3 point pawl mechanism, (compared to the standard 2 or 3), which creates a fast, secure feel every time torque is applied through the pedals.  The rear free hub body is easy to remove, in case you want to clean and regrease the internals, and offers Campy compatibility with the separate purchase of a Campy free hub.  The Shimano freehub includes three stainless splines on the leading edges to prevent cassette bite, making cassette swaps a breeze.

The hub flanges are of equal diameter, and are oversized as compared to most road hub options in the marketplace.  The oversized diameter helps to decrease spoke length slightly, increase the spoke bracing angle, and allows space to for the non-drive flange to have hole cut outs, decreasing hub weight.  All-in-all, this is a hub design is a thoughtful, functionaly solution for any high end wheel set.

We love these hubs as they have proven to be very low maintenance, highly reliable, and offer a light weight alternative to many other more expensive high end options in the marketplace.  They are available in a 24 or 28 hole drilling at this time, with your choice of freehub options.

*Includes a light weight alloy front and rear matching QR lever. 

-Installation of the cassette requires an application of 40 Nm of torque upon the cassette lockring, please use a properly set, calibrated torque wrench to install.