Classic 27'' x 1 1/8 - 1 1/4 Road Wheel Set

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MSRP: $160.00


The Pure RT rocks a classic look and feel, traditional in its image, but cutting edge in its finish quality.  Just because this wheel set is dedicated for old school 27” road touring and race bikes, doesn’t mean this rim isn’t held to our demanding finish tolerances and standards.  We can true these rims down to the tightest tolerances rivaling our own Blackset Race rims and Mavic Open Pro rims, in the range of a few thousandths of an inch.  We actually measure run-out in millimeters, well more specifically in tenths of one millimeter.  We typically true road rims with CNC sidewalls (laterally) to 1/10th of 1 millimeter, (except for the Sun Venus rim, but let’s not go there); but with our best rims it’s closer to ½ of 1/10th of 1 millimeter, and these Pure RT rims are no exception.  Our ability to finish wheels is what sets us apart from the other professional wheel builders.  To get to this level we’re balancing spoke tension at a level appropriate for each specific rim that we’re working with, which requires that we have a comprehensive working knowledge of a ton of different rims to develop this understanding of appropriate balance.  There are a couple of other barriers to finishing wheels to this highest degree that must be surmounted, but I digress.

These road hubs are the epitome of bare simplicity, and that’s a good thing.  The front and rear hubs have a vintage tapered road style aluminum alloy hub shell, steel axles, and use a loose ball (cup/cone) bearing system that is relatively easy to maintain for the DIY’ers.  Please note, the rear hub accepts a 5, 6, or 7 speed freewheel gear cluster, (all of our other road wheel sets/rear hubs use cassettes). 

We’re building these up with DT Swiss stainless spokes and brass nipples, laced three cross front and rear.  If you’ve got an old school 27” road bike in the garage, (or attic, cringe), and if it’s in need of some TLC, maybe you should order these up during the Pure RT 27” wheels and get back on the road.

Brief: Road 27” wheel set (finally)
Rims: Pure RT® 27” (630x16 ETRTO), silver double wall road rim, 32 holes, approx. 550g
Hubs Front: Front Road alloy QR (138g), loose ball, silver
Hubs Rear: Rear Road alloy QR (326g), loose ball, silver, 5/6/7 speed freewheel compatible, 126mm OLD
Nipples: DT Swiss brass
Valve Type: Schrader
Tire Sizes: 27”x1 – 27”x1 1/4

*Includes road style matching skewers