BWW Superlight 700c Wheel Set

Black 24 / 28
Black Rims, hubs / Silver spokes 32 / 32
24 / 28
32 / 32
24 / 28
32 / 32
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$269.99 - $469.99
SKU: 13838-700
MSRP: $349.00
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BWW Superlight wheels are pretty outstanding.  These wheels are in fact light weight, but still strong, laterally stiff, and they hold up over time.  We have been using the SuperLight rim since 2010, and have found it to rank up there with the best road rim options.  The SuperLight's main drawback on paper is that it has a sleeve joint, instead of welded.  If that's not a deterrent, by all means give them a try.  Everything else about the rim is finished to the same ultra exacting standards as the top few rims in this segment.   The SuperLight rim specifically is 410g, (415g with internal stainless washers), 23mm tall, 18.9mm wide, with a 13.9mm inner width.  These work with clincher road tires, (non-tubeless), ideally between 700x23 - 28c.

Should you buy this wheel set?  Entirely your call.  Should you watch this short but sweet rock climbing video?  Absolutely.   Top Fuel Dragsters?  What were we Musing about?

We are building these wheels up in two preconfigured options.  The lighter weight option is built with 24 spokes up front, radially laced, 28 spokes in the rear, three cross, using DT Swiss black double butted Competition spokes, and silver alloy nipples.  This configuration weighs in at an outstanding 1414g.  The second option is still really light weight, yet in a classic 32 / 32 setup.  That's right, 32 spoke in the front (radialy), and rear wheels, (three cross), still using DT Swiss double butted silver Competition spokes and silver alloy nipples.  Okay, Okay, I know what you supersleuths are saying right now....a simple 12 spoke advantage can't possibly contribute to that much weight savings, (145g).  Well, you're right.  There's more at play.  The 24 / 28 config is technically using DT Swiss Competition 1.8/1.6/1.8mm spokes, whereas the 32/32 config is using DT Comp 2.0/1.8/2.0mm spokes.  And there you have it, happy?

Thanks for taking a moment to check out these wheels.

Brief: Road Race/Training/Commuter wheel set 700C
Rim: BWW Superlight 700c, 24/28 or 32/32 holes, (please select), 23mm tall, 18.9mm wide, 13.9mm inner, sleeved, black ano rim with CNC machined sidewalls, presta valve
Hub Front: BWW X70, light weight, wide spaced flange road race hub, black
Hub Rear: BWW R200 light weight, high (or mid-high?)/low flange road race hub, black, Shimano/Sram road 8/9/10 speed compatible, Shimano 11 spd option, Campy option
Nipples: Silver Alloy
Valve Type: Presta
Tire Sizes: 700 x 20 - 700 x 30c

* All listed weights are based on an approximate average, actual weights may vary.  Car video