Clearance Pure Race 700c Wheel Set Silver and Gray

Silver hubs
Silver rim
Gray rim
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$269.99 - $469.99
SKU: 11105-700
MSRP: $595.00
Wheel Set Appearance:


The Bicycle Wheel Warehouse Pure Race Superlight wheel set draws its inspiration from an intellectual consideration of intended use and functionality.  This approach differs markedly from the typical, “this is the lightest wheel set you can buy” mind set.  This consideration focuses on the superlative Pure Race rim's tapered 27mm x 19mm profile (HxW), which combined with the fact that at 430g weighs less than any Mavic clincher aluminum rim we can buy, makes this one of the best clincher options available, period.  Given this rim's impressive strength, wheel "stiffness" concerns are mitigated; your toughest decision will be to select which build level interests you most.

The sealed bearing front hub is ultra light, about 71g. 

The rear sealed bearing cassette hub is also exceptionally light, at 241g, and features an advanced aluminum alloy hub shell, axle, and freehub design.

The front wheel is built with 24 spokes that are radially laced, the rear uses 28 spokes laced three cross on both the drive and non-drive sides.  In an effort to preserve lateral stiffness and overall wheel longevity, we resisted the temptation to build this wheel set with fewer spokes.  We believe this combination of 24 in front and 28 for the rear wheel offers the best combination between weight savings and durability.

In sum, the Pure Race wheel set is focused specifically for speed through the reduction of rotational weight at every level, but does not sacrifice practicality.  The Pure Race rim offers a robust starting point to serve as a rigid platform in which to build an exceptional wheel set.  Please feel free to take a closer look.

Brief: Road Race wheel set 700C
Rim: Bicycle Wheel Warehouse Pure Race® 700c silver or gray, sleeve joint, CNC sides, 24 hole front, 28 hole rear, 27mm tall, 19mm wide, 14mm inner, presta valve.  Velox 16mm cloth rim tape included, but not installed.
Hub Front: Pure R70, 24 holes, (two sealed bearings), 71g
Hub Rear: Pure R241 road cassette Shimano & Sram 8/9/10 speed compatible, 28 holes. (four sealed bearings, 3x2 pawl free-hub engagement), 241g
Spokes / Nipples: DT Swiss 2.0mm silver stainless spokes with chrome plated brass nipples (all silver wheel set), OR DT Competition 1.8/1.6mm black stainless spokes with silver alloy nipples (Gray / Black hubs & spokes)
Valve Type: Presta
Tire Sizes: 700 x 20 - 700 x 32
Wheel Wgts All Silver (approx.): Front = 680g, Rear = 890g, Set = 1570g
Wheel Wgts Gray Rims / Black Hubs & Spokes (approx.): Front = 640g, Rear = 860g, Set = 1500g

* All listed weights are based on an approximate average, actual weights may vary

** Not recommended for riders over 205 lbs