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Our commuting and touring wheel sets are all built with wheel strength and durability as their top priorities.  In many cases, this doesn't mean extreme weight.  We're able to offer lots of performance, even amongst our strongest wheels, becuase we mix and match components to achieve a specific end.  We also build everything in house, and can control our build process and quality, further ensuring wheel performance and durability.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us, we're happy to offer our insight as to which wheel set might best serve your needs.

Mavic A319 Road Shimano 105 700c Wheel Set

Mavic's strongest rim. Great for heavy riders and longevity in a commuter.

$449.99 - $459.99
BWW Commuter RT Wheel Set 2022

The Pure Commuter is designed with strength and performance in mind.

$349.99 - $429.99
Pure Commuter HD Shimano 700c Wheel Set

The Pure Commuter HD is one of our strongest and most comfortable commuters.  This wheel set is the perfect choice for heavier riders looking to log commuter miles.

$349.99 - $469.99
Velocity A23 Shimano 700c wheel set

The Velocity A23 is a proven rim profile that works well regardless of circumstances.

Was: $399.99 - $459.99
Now: $289.99 - $349.99
Mavic CXP22 Shimano RS300 700c Wheel Set

This wheel set proves that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to have really great, smooth rolling road wheels...

$249.99 - $299.99
Pure Tour Shimano 700c Wheel Set

The Pure Tour is the ultimate in "strong" wheel sets currently in the market.  Strong enough for Tandems, light enough to marvel.

$249.99 - $519.99