Mavic A319 Road Shimano 105 700c Wheel Set

Shown with Black rims, hubs, spokes
*Shimano 105 Silver 8/9/10 spd hubs
*Shimano 105 Black 8/9/10 spd hubs
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The Mavic A319 is arguably Mavic’s strongest road/pavement rim.  This feat is accomplished through the prodigious usage of aluminum alloy, a wide 24.5mm (x19.2mm tall) profile, and full double stainless steel spoke hole eyelets.  This latter feature is a bit of a legacy tech, meant to help band-aid weaknesses typically associated with complex rim profile tolerances and difficulties associated with producing consistent quality metal alloys. But having said that, it's a welcome feature that can only help improve durability.  The double stainless eyelet also serves to act as a hardened bearing for which a softer alloy or brass nipple can rotate against, helping to build a better wheel.  Last but not least, there’s this idea that the double eyelet serves to help absorb spoke vibration to a limited extent by acting as a dampener as it isolates the nipple from the rim material inside its chamber.  Mavic employs this technology on some of their top end road rims.

Quick diatribe moment.  The full double stainless eyelets are only offered on a few Mavic clincher road rims, the A319, the A719, and the Open Pro.  Over the years on the internet we’ve read about Mavic Open Pro’s suffering rim cracking around the spoke holes.  These occurrences seem to be met with a certain amount of enthusiastic naysayers about the Open Pro’s capability.  For the record, we’ve been building with this rim for many years and we’ve built tons of Open Pro wheel sets, and haven’t experienced any rim cracking issues what-so-ever.  If you over tension a wheel, rim cracking manifests regardless of rim strength.  Every situation is different, but often we’ll see posted pictures of a wheel with five or six spoke holes with cracks.  Funny how easy it is to assume the rim is bad, but yet the frequency of cracking, (several spoke holes simultaneously), rarely translates into some tough introspective questioning about the pertinent wheel builder's skills, (or lack thereof).

End Diatribe.

You can’t go wrong with the A319.  Due to its width it’s typically not suitable for full-blown, narrow carbon road race frames, but even this dynamic is changing as the industry is shifting to wider road rim designs.  (Which used to be the Norm 15 - 30 years ago, what's old is new again.)  But aside from this one extreme, it’ll work well with just about everything else.  In fact, they’ll work, and work, and work well for years to come.

We are building these Mavic A319 rims with Shimano 105 (5700 series 8/9/10 spd) or (5800 series 8/9/10/11 spd) road hubs, laced three cross front and rear.  This lace pattern offers excellent lateral strength while still allowing each wheel to absorb a fair amount of road vibration.  Thanks for taking a moment to check out these wheels.  If you happen to find a pair on your door step, it just may be one of the best, longest lasting upgrade you ever decide to invest in for your bicycle.

Brief: Road Touring/Asphalt wheel set 700C
Rims: Mavic A319® 700c silver or black, 19.2mm tall, 25.2mm wide, 19.1mm inner, approx 590g, 32 holes, please select
Hubs Front: Shimano 105 black (159g)
Hubs Rear: Shimano 105 black (350g), 5700 series is Shimano (& Sram) 8/9/10 speed compatible, 5800 series is 8/9/10/11 speed compatible, please select
Nipples: DT Swiss brass
Valve Type: Schraeder and Presta
Tire Sizes: 700 x 28mm - 700 x 50mm

*Matching skewers dependent on hub selection are included