Pure Tour Shimano 700c Wheel Set

*Picture shown with Shimano 105 Black hubs.
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Pure Tour wheel sets offer a reliable alternative to those whom need heavy duty wheels that work without compromise.  The key to the success of these wheels is in large part due to the rim component specifically; the Pure Tour rim.

The Pure Tour rim’s profile (30mm tall and a full 21mm wide), creates a triangulated rim platform that is beyond exceedingly strong.  Both the top of the rim and the rim sidewalls are designed to be extra thick.  The reinforced CNC machined sidewalls help make this a tough rim, but more importantly offer extended years/miles of resistance against brake wear.  There’s also a pronounced wear indicator that helps dissipate heat while braking.  From top to bottom, the Pure Tour rim was designed with Tour riders in mind, or anyone for that matter that is interested in an excellent performing, super strong rim that functions exceeding well. 

We are building these Pure Tour rims with your choice (please select) of 32 or 36 hole Shimano 105 5800 series 8/9/10/11 spd hubs, laced three cross front and rear, using DT Swiss stainless steel 2.0mm/14g spokes and brass nipples.  This lace pattern offers excellent lateral strength while still allowing each wheel to absorb a fair amount of road vibration.

**You'll also find in the Wheel Set Appearance drop down a new "clearance 32 / 36 Shimano Tiagra 10 spd" option.  We have a few boxes of Shimano Tiagra 4600 series 8/9/10 speed silver hubs that we're trying to use up.  32 hole fronts, 36 hole rears.  We're building these "clearance" hubs with DT Swiss silver stainless 14g spokes.  Essentially, it's identical to the more expensive first selectable option, but that uses 105 5800 series 11 speed hubs.  Do not select the "clearance" option if you need 11 speed compatibility.  Otherwise, combined with one of our current coupons, this is a great way to pick up a solid set of wheels.

Thanks for taking a moment to check out these wheels.  If you happen to find a pair on your door step, it just may be one of the best, longest lasting upgrade you ever decide to invest in for your bicycle.

Brief: Road Touring/Expeditionary wheel set 700C
Rims: Pure Tour® 700c black 32 or 36 hole
Hubs Front: Shimano 105 5800 series silver or black (159g)
Hubs Rear: Shimano 105 5800 series silver or black (350g), Shimano (& Sram) 8/9/10/11 speed compatible
Nipples: DT Swiss brass
Valve Type: Presta
Tire Sizes: 700 x 25 - 700 x 38

*Matching skewers dependent on hub selection are included

**As a side note, there aren’t too many prolifically strong road rims worth considering for this type of application.  There are lots of heavy road rims, certainly the bulk of low spoke count wheels use excessively heavy rims to help try to stiffen the wheel due to the inevitable denaturing/flowering effect of the low spoke count, but this approach to boost rim/wheel strength is a crude application of material tonnage.

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