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Wheels in this category represent an optimal balance between light weight components, wheel strength, and overall value.  We build all of our wheels in house, and thus can mix and match components specifically to achieve such balance.  Mavic CXP33 and Open Pro rims are some of the best road welded rims in the world.  The Pure Race and Aero wheel sets offer world class quality; out of all the wheels in this category, push the performace envelope even closer to our Pro Racing wheel sets.  Please don't hesitate to Contact Us, we're happy to offer our insight as to which wheel set might best serve your needs.

DT Swiss R460 Dura-Ace 700c wheel set

A premium road wheel set with an 18mm tubeless ready rim, built with some of the best hubs, spokes, and nipples in the world.

BSR24 Dura-Ace 700c Wheel Set 1650g

This is an every day, light weight, high performance wheel set.

Was: $699.00
Now: $499.99
Blackset Race 26 RT 700c wheel set 1680g*

A super nice, every day wheel set that feels great to ride and will withstand the test of time.

$359.99 - $709.99
DT Swiss RR415 Shimano Wheel Set

The DT Swiss RR415 is a light weight, top quality road rim designed to improve upon the Open Pro.

$349.99 - $809.99
BWW Aero 700c Wheel Set 1600g

The Pure Aero is a very aerodynamic race wheel set designed for cadence races and mashers looking for a set that won't flex under power.

Was: $399.99 - $419.99
Now: $299.99 - $319.99
Mavic Open Pro Shimano 105/Ultegra/Dura-Ace Wheel Set

A low profile reliable wheelset great for training and every day commuting. The Mavic Open Pro is one of the most purchased rims for custom builds.

$299.99 - $669.99
DT Swiss TK7.1 Silver Shimano 700c wheel set

The DT Swiss TK7.1 rim is extra extra in order to provide a solid, reliable, long term touring rim for thousands of miles of adventure.

$289.99 - $619.99
BWW Superlight 700c Wheel Set

The BWW Superlight isn't just a clever name, these wheels are in fact super light, without going off the deep end.

$249.99 - $449.99
Mavic CXP33 Shimano 105 Wheel Set

A very strong training wheel set.

$249.99 - $379.99
Velocity A23 Shimano 700c wheel set

The Velocity A23 is a proven rim profile that works well regardless of circumstances.

$199.99 - $259.99
Mavic Open Sport Shimano Claris Wheel Set

The Mavic Open Sport is a great choice for any one looking for a reliable set of comfortable, mid weight training commuter wheels.

BWW RT Shimano 700c wheel set

The BWW RT road 700c wheel set offers an incredible value, wheel set strength, and durability, all for a reasonable price.

$129.99 - $159.99