BWW Aero 700c Wheel Set 1600g

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The Bicycle Wheel Warehouse Pure Aero 30mm tall wheel set uses one of our strongest race oriented aluminum clincher 700c rims. The Pure Aero rim is very attractive, and offers a strong tapered aero shaped 30mm x 19mm profile (HxW). Given the Aero rim's strength, wheel "stiffness" is not a concern.

One of the highlights of the Pure Aero wheel set is its employment of a relatively high spoke count for its wheel class.  The front wheel uses 24 spokes, the rear 28, that is very exceptional at these comparative wheel set weights.  Another welcome addition is the new cassette splined bite guard on the rear freehub.  Three stainless steel splines on the leading edge protect against cassettes eating into the light-weight aluminum freehub, making cassette swaps a breeze.  When taking into account this wheel set’s weight, rim profile, spoke count, and price, you’ll find that the Pure Aero 30mm tall wheel set stands tall in a crowded wheel market segment.

The sealed bearing front hub is ultra light, about 71g. more info about the Pure R70 here

The rear cassette is also exceptionally light, at 241g, and features an advanced aluminum alloy... more info about the Pure R241 here

The front wheel is built with 24 spokes that are radially laced, the rear uses 28 spokes laced three cross on both the drive and non-drive sides.  In an effort to preserve lateral stiffness and overall wheel longevity, we resisted the temptation to build this wheel set with fewer spokes.  We believe this combination of 24 in front and 28 for the rear wheel offers the best combination between weight savings and durability.  The Pure Aero wheel set is light enough to race, and are built to last.

In summary, the Pure Aero wheel set offers affordable speed built into a durable solution. 

Brief: Road Race wheel set 700C
Rim: Bicycle Wheel Warehouse Pure Aero® 700c black, sleeved joint, CNC sides, 24 hole front, 28 hole rear
Hub Front: Pure R70, 24 holes, black, silver or gray, (two sealed bearings), 71g
Hub Rear: Pure R241 road cassette Shimano & Sram 8/9/10 speed compatible, 28 holes, black, silver or gray. (four sealed bearings, 3x2 pawl free-hub engagement), 241g
Nipples: Silver alloy nipples
Valve Type: Presta
Tire Sizes: 700 x 20 - 700 x 32

Wheel Wgts (approx.): Front = 700g, Rear = 900g, Set = 1600g

* All listed weights are based on an approximate average, actual weights may vary

** Not recommended for riders over 220 lbs

***Gray hub option does not include cassette bite guard