BWW Aero 700c Wheel Set HD 36

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The Bicycle Wheel Warehouse Aero 30mm tall wheel set uses one of our strongest, most versatile race oriented aluminum clincher 700c rims. The Pure Aero rim is very attractive, and offers a strong tapered aero shaped 30mm x 19mm profile (HxW). Given the Aero rim's strength, wheel "stiffness" is not a concern.  We use this rim in lower spoke count, focused road race wheel sets.  And then again here with this wheel set, with up to 36 holes front and rear, offering an extremely strong/durable road wheel set option, still only weighing in at a 1920g, (with Pure RT hubs).

One of the highlights of the Pure Aero "HD" wheel set is its employment of a relatively high spoke count.  In the segment of race oriented bicycle rims, 36 holes is basically non-existent.  We're building these rims with your choice of BWW Pure RT sealed cartridge bearing road hubs, or Shimano 105 loose ball, (cup + cone), road hubs, as well as an option for either a 32 hole or 36 hole front wheel.  The rear wheels are all 36 hole, with both front and rear wheels laced with a three cross lace pattern, using DT Swiss double butted Competition black stainless spokes with brass nipples.

We've been using the BWW Aero rim since nearly the beginning.  Only the Blackset Race 24 rim preceeded it.  The Aero rim has played a large part in our success, and remains to this day one of the few marketplace upgrade options beyond the Velocity Deep V rim.

Brief: Road Race wheel set 700C
Rim: Bicycle Wheel Warehouse Pure Aero® 700c black, sleeved joint, CNC sidewalls, 32 or 36 holes for the front wheel, rear 36 holes, presta valve, 30mm tall, 19mm wide, 14mm inner width, approx 470g.
Hub Front: Pure RT100, 32 or 36 holes, black, (two sealed bearings), 100g OR Shimano 105 black, 5700 series, loose ball, 32 or 36 holes, approx 150g
Hub Rear: Pure RT320 road cassette Shimano & Sram 8/9/10 speed compatible, 36 holes, black, 320g OR Shimano 105 black, 5700 series 8/9/10 spd, loose ball, 36 holes, approx 350g
Nipples: Brass chrome plated nipples
Valve Type: Presta
Tire Sizes: 700 x 20 - 700 x 32
Wheel Wgts (approx.): Front 36h Pure RT = 840g, Rear 36h Pure RT = 1080g, Set = 1920g. 

With Shimano 105 hubs Front 36h = 900g, Rear 36h = 1090g, Wheel Set = 1990g

* All listed weights are based on an approximate average, actual weights may vary

** Not recommended for riders over 350 lbs