DT Swiss TK7.1 Silver Shimano 700c wheel set

105 Silver 5800 8/9/10/11 spd
105 Black 5800 8/9/10/11 spd
Pure RT Black 8/9/10/11 spd
Black Dura-Ace 9000 8/9/10/11 spd
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The DT Swiss TK7.1 rim is DT's solution for hardcore travel, adventure, touring, you name it.  Fun DT Swiss "The Edge" video.   What makes the TK7.1 so special?  For starters, this rim has it all.  A strong double wall construction/profile, silver gray ano finish, CNC machined sidewall, full double stainless steel eyelets, a welded rim joint, laser beams, a flexible 18.4mm wide inner profile, and rim sidewall wear indicators, all designed in to an extremely stout, 557g per rim package.    

A top tier rim isn't special without a quality hub set.  Thus, the base hub option for this wheel set is Shimano 105 - 5800 series, and it goes up from there to Dura-Ace.  All Shimano hubs use a loose ball, cup & cone bearing system.  If maintained, Shimano hubs have been proven to hold up for 10's of thousands of miles.  They're also recognized virtually everywhere, so if you ever need a hand, you're working with a known quantity.  That being said, we're offering to build these rims our silky smooth Pure RT100 front / RT300 rear 11 spd sealed bearing road hubs.  RT hubs mimic Shimano's aluminum alloy hub shell, steel axle, steel freehub concept, but offer a lighter weight sealed cartridge bearing design.  We have been using these hubs for nearly a decade, (technically the 10 spd variant), they also are proving to be an extremely reliable hub set.

Whether you select the 105 hub set option or one of the upgrades, your wheels will be built with DT Swiss stainless steel spokes with brass nipples.  You do have the option to select silver or black straight gauge or Competition double butted, to fine tune your wheel set.  Thanks for looking.

More Wheel Facts:

-DT Swiss TK 7.1 clincher rims have full double stainless eyelets, rim wear indicators, CNC sidewalls, a welded joint, are 20.3mm tall, with a 18.4mm inner, 23.8mm outer width, and weigh approx. 557g/ea.  The rims come with Velox 16mm cloth rim tape, but it is not installed.  These rims are designed to work with inner tubes, (presta) and clincher tires.

-Compatible with a wide range of tires, 700 x 25c - 45c will all work.

-The wheels are built with a conscious effort to equalize spoke tension per each wheel's respective side

-Shimano 105, Ultegra, and Dura-Ace series (8/9/10/11 speed) quick release hubs have a loose ball, cup + cone system.

-Pure RT (8/9/10/11 speed) alloy shell with steel axle/steel freehub, quick release road hubs use high quality sealed cartridge bearings.

Weights Spoke Type 105 Ultegra Dura-Ace Pure RT
Front 2.0mm 980 970 960 935
Rear 2.0mm 1188 1168 1100 1135
Set 2.0mm 2168 2138 2060 2070
Front Comp 960 950 940 915
Rear Comp 1168 1148 1080 1115
Set Comp 2128 2098 2020 2030

Wheels ship with a set of QR levers and an 11 speed spacer, (except for Ultegra 6700 silver and Dura-Ace 7900 silver), and all wheels ship with Velox 16mm cloth rim tape, (not installed).

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