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Thanks for visiting our road 700c rims page.  All Bicycle Wheel Warehouse bicycle rims come from the same top rim manufacturers that are rolling rims for the other major brands.  Our rims are purposefull in design, and employ subtle details that set them apart, helping to create lighter, stronger, and more durable solutions as compared to generic rim models that are "spec'd" for new bikes.

Pure Tour 30x21mm 570g

The Pure Tour rim is our strongest road rim, designed to work worryfree, under the harshest of conditions imaginable, for an incredibly long time.  Available in 32, 36, 40, and 48 holes.

H x W x I (mm) = 30 x 21 x 15.5

Blackset Race 16 24x20mm 415g

The Blackset Race rim is our best selling welded road rim.  Representing the highest quality, they are easy to build with (true up), live with, (mount your tires), and tend to last an exceptionally long time.

H x W x I (mm) = 24 x 20 x 15

Pure Race 27x19mm 430g

The Pure Race rim is fast, strong, and has a distinct aero tapered profile.  Perfect for road racing, climbing, training, and even off-road abuse.

H x W x I (mm) = 27 x 19 x 14

Colors = Black, Silver, Gray-Blue

$39.99 - $44.49
Pure Aero 30x19mm 470g

The Pure Aero rim is our fastest, strongest, road race rim.

H x W x I (mm) = 30 x 19 x 14

Colors = Black, Red, White, Silver, Gray-Blue, Gold

$39.99 - $44.49
Pure Commuter 24x20.5mm 520g
$29.99 - $34.49
Pure RT 20x22mm 550g