About Us

Bicycle Wheel Warehouse has been designed to offer a new dimension to the online market for enthusiast riders - with the goal of satisfying cyclists’ needs for high quality wheels at attainable prices.  We specialize in offering wheels that utilize component specs that makes sense, rather than wheels produced from miscellaneous parts.  Our wheels are different from a lot of other wheels available online.  All of our wheels are 100% built in house by hand, checked and rechecked for proper spoke tension and wheel trueness.  Compare our wheels with other websites which often purchase wheels and parts at close out auctions from factories overseas and repackage them to sell in the U.S. as quality products.

Our attention to detail during the build process, from start to finish, makes our wheels superior to any other wheels available. We do little things that make a lasting difference, like seating spoke heads against the hub flanges with our own proprietary tools, so that spoke tension doesn’t dramatically change as soon as you put weight on your new wheels the first time you try them out. We stress relieve the spokes multiple times, to help the spokes seat properly against one another and the hub flanges.  The use of high quality lubricants on spoke threads and on nipples helps our wheels last longer, and makes them more serviceable.  We have professional grade equipment in which to check tension and wheel trueness, far more precise than what is available to the regular bike shop.

We trust that enthusiast riders will come to find that the wheels offered at Bicycle Wheel Warehouse are exactly what they've been searching for.  Happy Hunting...