BWW CXDPro 700c Tubeless Clincher Wheel Set


The 470g features a stout, 24mm tall, 24mm wide, 19mm tubeless ready inner width.  Comes with tubeless tape & valves installed.

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The CXD Pro Wheel set is built using excellent wheel components, from start to finish.  But the net result has proven to be even greater than the sum.  These wheels really work well, ride well, and hold up to a diverse field of utilization.  A lot of this wheel set’s proficiency can be attributed to the rim specifically.  It’s a beauty.  24mm wide and tall, with a 19mm tubeless ready inner profile, at 470g, the rim has a stellar profile that’s really strong, extremely stable, and very weight competitive.  You can run higher pressure road tube + tires on them, tubeless road, or wider/higher volume CX / Gravel type tires.  They all work, and tire mounting occurs with minimal fuss.  We build and ship these wheels with tubeless tape + valves installed, but you can always pop the valves out and run them with inner tubes.  Valve remolval occurs via a simple loosening of the valve lock ring, takes about 10 secs.  If you’re into racing (Doh! not that kind of racing), training, or you simply prefer to buy really nice gear, this is your starting and finishing point.  That’s pretty straight forward.

Ready for a radical miracle?  Just a walk in the park Cougar.

The Speed Tuned ST280 hubs feature 72 points of engagement, (5 degrees) via a 6 pawl free hub.  The drive ring and pawls are super overbuilt in terms of diameter, (drive ring), height, (drive ring + pawls), and materials, (quality stainless).  Their bearing placement is proper, in terms of overall design meant to promote hub function and durability.

DT Swiss 350 hubs are excellent as well, they are finished to incredible standards, and include DT Swiss’ Star Ratchet engagement system, (same exact drive mechanism as with their DT 240’s and 180’s).  These hubs get the job done, hold up extremely well in an assortment of conditions, and have proven reliable even in the emerging context of high torque drive trains, (29er wheel bikes with 1×12 Eagle drive trains).  Essentially, DT 350’s offer you the option of buying one of the best performing hubs available anywhere, for only a modest price bump.  Given their huge value proposition, they are hands down a great option for any MTB rider that cares about their gear.

In “stock” form, these wheels are built with Sapim Leader black spokes in a 32 hole, three cross configuration front and rear.  Sapim only produces spokes and nipples, their focus has translated to legendary quality and performance over time.  If you didn’t know a thing about spokes, know that your wheels would come with a really top notch spoke product.  That being said, we’re offering a spoke upgrade option, in the form Sapim Race or Sapim DLight 2.0/1.65/2.0 spokes.  Essentially, you might be able to find a spoke product that approaches Sapim’s quality, but you’d be hard pressed to find a company that makes a better spoke product.  All their spoke products, from straight gauge to their elliptically bladed and butted products, are all the best of the best.  Sapim Dlight spokes will perform at the same relative level as DT Competition spokes for example, but will shave off approximately 75 – 80g from the wheel set.

The BWW CXDPro is a stellar wheel set option, in a field that’s composed of some of the best aluminum alloy rims ever.  Given their level of performance, they are an unbeatable deal, (coupon codes here).  We’re not joking around here.  If you don’t have a lot of time to research all the rim options in the marketplace, if you don’t have a lot of money, and if you can find this product page, maybe that’s Magic.

Should you buy this wheel set?  Entirely your call.  Should you watch this short but sweet rock climbing video?  Absolutely.  One More Fun One.

Make That Two.

BWW CXDPro Tubeless Clincher Disc Brake Specs

700c Front Wheel   Rear Wheel   Wheel Weights (approx)
Rim Info Aluminum Alloy Clincher, double wall, tubeless ready
ETRTO 622 x 19mm  
Weight ≈480g (28 hole), 470g (32 hole) average ≈varies
Sidewall Disc Brake compatible   
Inner Width 19mm
Outer Width 24mm
Rim Depth 24mm
Rim ERD 593,
Rim Tape Tesa Tape ≈ 15 – 18g/wheel (varies)
Valve Type Presta valve
Tire Type Tubeless Ready OR Standard Clincher with inner tube
Tire Volumes 700 x 23 – 40mm  (sweet spot is 28 – 32mm)
Nipple Info 12mm Brass Chrome Plated @ ≈ 1g ea 32H = 32g
Spoke Info

Sapim Leader 2.0mm (14g) Stainless Spokes Black ≈ 6.5g ea (26″)

Sapim Race 2.0/1.8mm Double Butted Stainless Black ≈ 5.625g ea (26″)

Sapim DLight 2.0/1.65 Double Butted Stainless Black ≈ 4.85 ea )26″

32H = 208g

32H = 180g

32H = 155g

Spoke Count Front: 32H   Rear: 32H  
Spoke Pattern Front: 3 Cross   Rear: 3 Cross  
Lengths 288/290mm 288/290mm 286/290mm 289/290mm
Hub Info ST160 DT350 ST280
Hub Weight 152g 174g 280g +/- 308g +/-
Hub Shell Aluminum Alloy  
Axle Info Variable, Please select
Hole Ct 28H OR 32H  28H OR 32H 
DriveS PCD
41 52 61 52
DS Ctr to Flange 22.5 35 19.5 19
Non-DriveS PCD 41 58 45 58
NDS Ctr to Flange 34 23 35 34
Axle Material Aluminum Steel Aluminum Steel
Bearings Sealed Cartridge Bearings
Bearing Size M17287 EZO x 2 6902 x 2 M17287 EZO x 4

Shim 6902 x 4

XD 6902, 6802 (2 ea)

Aluminum Freehub Options

Shimano HG “splined” MTB series 8/9/10/11 speed = Road series 8/9/10

Shimano Road 11 Spd

Shimano MircoSpline (12TA end cap only) MTB 12 Spd  Speed Tuned ST280 only

Sram XD 1 x 11 and 1 x12 Spd

Sram XDR (road 1 x 12 Spd) Speed Tuned ST280 only

Wheel Weights

ST160/280  28H Race F ≈ 806g R ≈ 934g Set ≈ 1740g
ST160/280  28H DLight F ≈ 781g R ≈ 909g Set ≈ 1690g
ST160/280  32H Race F ≈ 821g R ≈ 949g Set ≈ 1770g
ST160/280  32H Dlight F ≈ 792g R ≈ 920g Set ≈ 1713g
DT Swiss 350  28H Race F ≈ 828g R ≈ 962g Set ≈ 1790g
DT Swiss 350  28H Dlight F ≈ 803g R ≈ 937g Set ≈ 1740g
DT Swiss 350  32H Race F ≈ 843g R ≈ 977g Set ≈ 1820g
DT Swiss 350  32H Dlight F ≈ 815g R ≈ 949g Set ≈ 1763g

(with an alloy nipple option, without QR’s or rim tape)

  • All options include rim tape and QR levers with the selection of QR end caps.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 7 × 23 in


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