Speed Tuned Aero HD 700c Wheel Set


The Speed Tuned Aero HD wheel set is perfect for riders carrying a heavy load, that still want a light weight set of wheels rolling on road 23, 25 or 28mm tires.


Please note the product photo no longer matches the hub spec below, please read.

The Speed Tuned Aero HD 30mm tall wheel set uses one of our strongest, most versatile race oriented aluminum clincher 700c rims. The Speed Tuned Aero HD rim is very attractive, and offers a strong tapered aero shaped 30mm x 19mm profile (HxW), with a 14mm inner width that works well with tubes and clincher tires or setup tubeless. Given the Speed Tuned Aero HD rim’s strength, wheel “stiffness” is not a concern.  We use this rim in lower spoke count, focused road race wheel sets.  And then again here with this wheel set, with 32 or 36 holes up front and 36 holes for the rear, offering an extremely strong/durable road wheel set option, still only weighing in at a 1980g.

One of the highlights of the Speed Tuned Aero HD wheel set is its employment of a relatively high spoke count.  In the segment of race oriented bicycle rims, 36 holes is basically non-existent.  We’re building these rims with silver gray anodized Shimano Tiagra 4600 series loose ball, (cup + cone), road hubs.  The front is 32 hole (or 36H), rear is 36 hole, laced with a three cross lace pattern, using Sapim Leader silver stainless spokes with brass nipples.

We began using the Speed Tuned Aero HD rim circa mid 2020, with great success.  It’s light weight and extremely solid, and the apex of the rim where spoke tension is held is very thick.

* All listed weights are based on an approximate average, actual weights may vary

** Not recommended for riders over 330 lbs

***Wheels will ship with QR levers and Velox 16mm cloth rim tape.

Speed Tuned Aero HD Clincher Specs

700c Front Wheel Rear Wheel Wheel Weights (approx)
Rim Info Aluminum Alloy Clincher, double wall, sleeve joint
ETRTO 622 x 14
Weight ≈470g average ≈470-475g average
Sidewall CNC machined, rim brake compatible
Inner Width 14mm
Outer Width 19mm
Rim Depth 30mm
Rim ETRTO 622 x 14mm
Rim ERD 583 (without washers)
Rim Tape Velox 16mm cloth rim tape ≈ 18 – 30g/wheel (varies based on overlap)
Washers Built with 3D internal stainless steel washers ≈4g F, ≈4g R
Valve Type Presta
Tire Type Standard Clincher with inner tube
Tire Volumes 700 x 20mm – 700 x 32mm (sweet spot is 700×23 – 700×28)
Nipple Info Sapim Chrome Plated Brass @ ≈ 1g ea 32H = 32, 36H = 36
Spoke Info Sapim Leader 2.0 Stainless Spokes Silver ≈ 6.75g ea 32H = 215, 36H = 242g
Spoke Count Front: 32H or 36H Rear: 32H or 36H
Spoke Pattern Front: 3 Cross Rear: 3 Cross (28H)
Lengths 284mm (32H), 282 (36H) 282/284 (3x – 32H), 280/282 (3x – 36H)
Hub Info Shimano Tiagra 4600 HB-M4600 Shimano Tiagra 4600 FH-M4600
Hub Weight 150g 360g 150g F, 360g R
Hub Shell Aluminum Alloy
Axle Info QR 9mm x 100mm OLD QR 10mm x 130mm OLD
Hole Ct 32H or 36H 32H or 36H
DriveS PCD
38 45
DS Ctr to Flange 34.5 18
Non-DriveS PCD 38 45
NDS Ctr to Flange 34.5 35
Axle Material Steel
Bearings Loose Ball Cup + Cone
Bearing Size 3/16″ Steel Ball Bearings 1/4″ Steel Ball Bearings
Freehub Shimano/SRAM Road 8/9/10 speed
FH Material Steel

Wheel Weights

(without QR’s or rim tape)

32 / 36 F ≈ 880g R ≈ 1100g Set ≈ 1980g
36 / 36 F ≈ 912+1100g R ≈ 1100g Set ≈ 2011g
  • All options include rim tape and QR levers.

Where is Your Wheel Set Weight?

Not all wheel weight is equal. This is an approximately 2000g wheel set with a 32 / 36 (or 36/36) spoke count.  It is built with strong yet light weight  rims.  The Shimano hubs will work for more years than you’ll want to keep them, if you take care of them.  And given the overall nature of this wheel set, it can handle pretty much anything.  2000g for this type of capability is very much on the light weight end of the spectrum.  Keep in mind that OE (new bike) wheels touting the same type of purpose could easily come in around the 2300 – 2400g range, and still probably wouldn’t offer 36 spokes.  The weight savings in the Pure Aero HD doesn’t come at a cost of performance, rather its a reflection of the quality components selected purposely by us for this wheel set.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 7 × 26 in


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