ST300 Freehub options


Replacement freehub body options for the Speed Tuned ST300 hub. Replacement freehub bodies come with new bearings installed.

*Rear hub shell logo states “Speed Tuned ST300″ or “Speed Tuned ST300 BST”

Tools required to replace the Freehub:

(1) 5mm Hex/Allen Wrench & (1) 12mm Hex/Allen Wrench


1) Pull Non-Drive Side (NDS) end caps off (friction)

2) Insert 12mm hex wrench on NDS

3) Insert 5mm hex wrench on Drive Side (DS)

4) Loosen (opposite loosen to the right)

5) Pull off freehub

6) Inspect and clean area (as needed for dirt, dust, etc.), and replace axle spacer 

The Shimano MicroSpline freehub is only compatible with 12TA axles (Boost and 12x142TA).  It is Not compatible with QR end caps.

ST300 Freehub Body Specs

FH Model ST300 and ST300 BST (Boost)
Material Steel alloy, with stainless steel pawls
Finish Black anodized
Diameter 30mm
Weight HG ≈ 96g,  XD ≈ 90g,  MS ≈ 104g
Pawl Count 3×2
Pawl Height 8mm
POE 21
Effective POE 21
Degrees of Engagement 17.1428571 degrees (lower is better)
FH Bearing Size (outside/Inside) 6902LBLU/6902LBLU (HG + XD)
Freehub HG Shimano HG/Sram “Splined” MTB 8/9/10/11 Speed + Shimano/SRAM Road 8/9/10 speed
Freehub Road 11 N/A
Freehub MicroSpline Shimano MTB 12 speed (12TA axles only)
Freehub Sram XD Sram XD 1×11 + 1×12
Freehub Sram XDR N/A
Notes TBA


Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 7 × 26 in


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