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Spring is the perfect time to...

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All custom-built wheels usually ship within 5 business days of your order as long as the parts are in stock. We keep a massive inventory of wheel components, unlike other builders who don't order the components until you place your order.

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Bicycle Wheel Warehouse has been designed to offer a new dimension to the online market for enthusiast riders - with the goal of satisfying cyclists’ needs for high-quality wheels at attainable prices. We specialize in offering wheels that utilize component specs that make sense, rather than wheels produced from miscellaneous parts.

Our wheels are different from a lot of other wheels available online. All of our wheels are 100% built in-house by hand, checked and rechecked for proper spoke tension and wheel trueness. Compare our wheels with other websites which often purchase wheels and parts at close-out auctions from factories overseas and repackage them to sell in the U.S. as quality products.

Have fun, and be active. Ride a bike!