BWW RT Shimano 700c Wheel Set

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The BWW RT 700c rim is designed to do a lot of things well.  Just to be clear, this is not your Go-To race day wheel set.  Of course not.  These wheels are designed to work consistently over many years and many thousands of miles.  The RT rim has a 16.5mm iner rim width, that offers a flexible range when it comes to tire range/compatibility.  700 x 23c – 35c tires, no problem, take your pick. The rim profile design is optimized to offer strength, in terms of lateral stiffness and with regard to its ability to hold spoke tension over time, and includes thickened sidewalls to withstand brake pad wear over the duration. The RT rim, at 550g average rim weight, manages to offer a lot of benefits, without burdening the rider with a crazy heavy rim.

We are building these BWW RT rims with essentially two tiered sets of options, Close Out, and Standard.

In the Close Out tier, the wheels will be built with Wheel Smith 15g silver stainless spokes, and DT Swiss brass 15g nipples.  Regarding the hubs, we are using this Close Out tier as an opportunity to finish up our last remaining Shimano 2200 and 2400 series road 8/9/10 spd road hubs.  Shimano progresses their hub series model #’s over time.  Although the hubs experience minor cosmetic changes with each model series, they are essentially the same exact hub.  As we finish our 2200’s, then 2400’s, we will progress in to the current Shimano model RS-300, (again, same essential hub).  These wheels may or may not have matching model series hubs, front and rear, meaning, the front might be a 2200, the rear a 2400, etc.  But aesthetically, they will be close.

In the Standard Tier, we will build these wheels with the current Shimano RS300 silver or black ano 8/9/10 spd hubs, laced three cross front and rear, using DT Swiss stainless steel 2.0mm/14g spokes and brass 14g nipples.  This lace pattern offers excellent lateral strength while still allowing each wheel to absorb a fair amount of road vibration.  Using the drop down selection above, you can select a wheel set with black rims, hubs, and spokes, or a wheel set with silver rims, hubs, and spokes. Thanks for taking a moment to check out these wheels.  

Brief: Road wheel set 700C
Rim: BWW RT 700c, 32 holes, pinned, presta valve, black or silver ano, with CNC sidewall for rim brakes
Hub Front: Shimano 2200, 2400 or RS300 – approx. 150g, quick release (9x100mm), 32 holes, silver or black respective to your selection
Hub Rear: Shimano 2200, 2400, or RS300 – 380g, quick release (10x130mm), 32 holes, Shimano/Sram 8/9/10 speed compatible, silver or black respective to your selection
Nipples: Brass 14g (Standard), or 15g (Close Out)
Valve Type: Presta
Suggested Tire Size Range: 700 x 23 – 700 x 35
Wheel Weight Info Standard: Front = 980g, Rear = 1205g, Wheel Set = 2185g
Wheel Weight Info Close Out**: Front = 930g, Rear = 1165g, Wheel Set = 2095g

* All listed weights are based on an approximate average, actual weights may vary.  Wheels include QR levers, and Velox 16mm cloth rim tape.

** Close Out options not recommended for riders over 240 lbs.


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