DT Swiss RR1.1 700c Wheel Set

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This wheel set uses all top end components.  If you didn’t know a thing about high end rim brake road wheels, you could pick up a set of these and know there’s not much you could have done better, in terms of selection.


The DT Swiss RR1.1 is a light weight, top quality welded road rim designed to improve upon the Mavic Open Pro.  At 415g, it weighs in about 20g less than the Open Pro, or about 40g for the wheel set.  Does that mean the RR415 isn’t as strong or as capable?  Not even close.  Keep in mind that the Open Pro has full double stainless steel eyelets, about 18-20g worth of material in every rim.  If you were to swap those with single stainless eyelets, these two rims would be eerily similar.  That’s Rad!  Totally Rad!

We are building these RR1.1 rims up in three configurations:

1) With Silver DT RR1.1 rims (32 hole) and silver Shimano Ultegra 6700 series (8/9/10 spd), with Sapim Leader silver stainless spokes and brass chrome plated nipples

2) With Silver DT RR1.1 rims, (32 hole) and gray BWW Pure RT sealed bearing road hubs (8/9/10 spd), with Sapim Leader silver stainless spokes and brass chrome plated nipples

3) With Black DT RR1.1 rims, (36 hole) and black BWW Pure RT sealed bearing road hubs (8/9/10 spd), with a mix of black DT Revolution and SuperComp spokes and brass chrome plated nipples


All three options are laced three cross front and rear.  This lace pattern offers excellent lateral strength while still allowing each wheel to absorb a fair amount of road vibration.  Like all Shimano hubs, Ultegra 6700’s feature a loose ball bearing, cup and cone mechanism, are 8/9/10 speed compatible, and weigh in at about 500g for the set.  The Pure RT hubs feature a light weight design with sealed cartridge bearings, and weigh in at about 425g for the set.  Both the Shimano and RT hubs have an aluminum hub shell, steel axles, and steel freehubs that will resist cassette bite and hold up for a super long time.  These wheels will ship with Velox 16mm cloth rim tape, (not installed), and QR levers respective to your wheel set selection.

Thanks for taking a moment to check out these wheels.

* All listed weights are based on an approximate average, actual weights may vary.  Car video

*Wheels will ship with QR levers and Velox 16mm cloth rim tape.

DT Swiss RR1.1 Clincher Specs

700c Front Wheel Rear Wheel Wheel Weights (approx)
Rim Info Aluminum Alloy Clincher, double wall, welded seam
ETRTO 622 x 13.8
Weight ≈415g average ≈415-420g average
Sidewall CNC machined, rim brake compatible, with Dot wear indicator
Inner Width 13.8mm
Outer Width 19.3mm
Rim Depth 20.7mm
Rim ETRTO 622 x 13.8mm
Rim ERD 596 (without washers)
Rim Tape Velox 16mm Cloth Rim Tape ≈ 30 – 35g/wheel (varies based on overlap)
Washers Single stainless eyelets ≈ N/A
Valve Type Presta
Tire Type Standard Clincher with inner tube
Tire Volumes 700 x 20mm – 700 x 30mm (sweet spot is 700×23 – 700×25)
Nipple Info Sapim chrome plated brass @ ≈ 1g ea 32H = 32
Spoke Info Sapim Leader 2.0 Stainless Spokes Silver ≈ 6.64g ea 32H = 212.5
Spoke Info #3 DT Swiss Revolution and SuperComp   36H = 175
Spoke Count Front: 32H, (#3 = 36H) Rear: 32H, (#3 = 36H)
Spoke Pattern Front: 3 Cross Rear: 3 Cross (32H)
Lengths 292mm (32H) 290/292 (32H)
Hub Info BWW RT100 BWW RT300
Hub Weight 100g 300g 100g F, 300g R
Hub Shell Aluminum Alloy
Axle Info QR 9mm x 100mm OLD QR 10mm x 130mm OLD
Hole Ct 32H 32H
DriveS PCD
38 45
DS Ctr to Flange 34 18.5
Non-DriveS PCD 38 45
NDS Ctr to Flange 34 35.5
Axle Material Steel Alloy
Bearings Sealed Cartridge Japan EZO Bearings
Bearing Size Japan EZO TBD Japan EZO TBD
Freehub Shimano/SRAM Road 8/9/10 speed
FH Option 1 Shimano/SRAM Road 11 speed
FH Option  Campagnolo 8/9/10/11 speed
FH Material Aluminum Alloy

Wheel Weights

(without QR’s or rim tape)

1) Sil 32 Ultegra F ≈ 805g R ≈ 1006g Set ≈ 1811g
2) Sil 32 RT Gray F ≈ 760g R ≈ 976g Set ≈ 1736g
3) Blk 36 RT Black F ≈ 726g R ≈ 951g Set ≈ 1677g
  • All options include rim tape and QR levers.

Where is Your Wheel Set Weight?

Not all wheel weight is equal.  Even though this is a 32/32 hole (or 36/36 hole) wheel set, these wheels are still very light weight.  This is a result of using all top end components.  The rims are at the very top of the list, in terms of accessible road rims for custom wheel builds.  The Shimano hubs are actually heavy, by today’s standards, but will definitely work for a really long time.  The Pure hubs are comparable in quality and finish to Shimano Ultegras, but come in a modernized sealed cartridge bearing design.  The spokes and nipples are also high end, the net effect is a very polished, very nice road wheel set.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 7 × 26 in

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