Speed Tuned Super 6 Replacement Axle


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The Speed Tuned rear hub axle can be replaced.  Select Gen 1.0 or 2.0, given your hub model.

Super 6 Rear Hub Axle Replacement Info Chart
Model Super 6 Gen 1.0 QR and TA Super 6 Gen 2.0 and Boost QR and TA
Hub Logo Speed Tuned Wheels

 Speed Tuned Wheels 2.0 or

Speed Tuned Wheels BST

Axle Type Aluminum Alloy Cromoly Steel
Axle O.D. 17mm 15mm
Works With 12mm Alan/Hex wrench 11mm Alan/Hex Wrench
Appearance “Silver” Aluminum Alloy Black
Weight 36g 52g,  55g = Boost
Additional Requirements Rear hubs Must have:

  1. A Speed Tuned logo, Speed Tuned 2.0 logo, or Speed Tuned BST logo
  2. Hole Cut Outs in the DISC Side Flange



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