Sun Helix TR25 Custom Bicycle Wheel Set


The Sun Helix TR25 offers one of the best overall performance to price returns in the market.

Hub Set Options – Axle Types (F/R) *

QR/QR = Front 9mm x 100mm, Rear 10mm x 135mm
15/142 = Front 15mm x 100mm, Rear 12mm x 142mm
Boost = Front 15mm x 110mm, Rear 12mm x 148mm

Spoke Options *

Nipples Select *


The Sun Helix TR25 rim offers the performance and tubeless ready function of higher end rims, but at an attainable price point.  The 20.8mm inner works well with a wide range of tubeless and standard clincher tires.  So if you decide to stick with inner tubes, you won’t have to struggle, these mount up easily with a tire and tube just like rims used to before tubeless ready.  Overall, the Sun Helix 25 offers an incredible value.

Sun Helix TR25 Tubeless Ready Clincher Specs

26″/27.5″/29/700c Front Wheel Rear Wheel Wheel Weights (approx)
Rim Info Sun Helix TR25 aluminum alloy clincher, tubeless ready
ETRTO  559×20.8mm (26″)  584×20.8mm (27.5″) 622×20.8mm (29er)
Weight ≈435g average, 26″ ≈452g average, 27.5″ ≈480g average, 29er
Sidewall N/A
Inner Width 20.8mm
Outer Width 24.8mm
Rim Depth 18.8mm
Rim ERD 546 (26″) 568 (27.5″) 606 (29er)
Rim Tape Tesa Tubeless Rim Tape Installed ≈ 30 – 35g/wheel (varies based on overlap)
Washers Single stainless steel eyelets N/A
Valve Type Presta
Tire Type Standard Clincher with inner tube OR MTB Tubeless
Tire Volumes 26″, 27.5″, or 29er x 1.5″ – 2.25″
Nipple Info (Brass) Sapim 12mm Brass Chrome Plated @ ≈ 1g ea 32H = 32
Nipple Info (Alloy) Sapim Alloy Double Square Polyax @ ≈ .34g ea 32H = 10
Spoke Info Leader Sapim Leader 2.0mm Stainless Spokes Black ≈ 6.5g ea 32H = 208
Spoke Info Race Sapim Race 2.0/1.8/2.0 Butted Stainless Spokes Black ≈ 5.65g ea 32H = 180
Spoke Info Dlight Sapim D-Light TCS 2.0/1.65/2.0 Butted Stainless Spokes Black ≈ 5.16g ea 32H = 165g
Spoke Count Front: 32H Rear: 32H
Spoke Pattern Front: 3 Cross Rear: 3 Cross (32H)
Lengths 26″ 262/264mm (32H) 262/264 (32H)
Lengths 27.5″ 272/274mm (32H) 272/274 (32H)
Lengths 29er 291/293mm (32H) 291/293 (32H)
Hub Info (option) ST170 ST300
Hub Weight 170g 300g 170g F, 300g R
Hub Shell Aluminum Alloy
Axle Info (option) QR 9mm x 100mm OLD QR 10mm x 135mm OLD
Hole Ct 32H 32H
DriveS PCD
58 58
DS Ctr to Flange 33 20
Non-DriveS PCD 58 58
NDS Ctr to Flange 20.5 34.5
Axle Material Steel Alloy
Bearings Sealed Cartridge Japan EZO Bearings
Bearing Size TBA TBA
Freehub HG Shimano/Sram “Splined” MTB 8/9/10/11 Speed + Shimano/SRAM Road 8/9/10 speed
Freehub MicroSpline Shimano MTB 12 speed (12TA axles only)
Freehub Sram XD Sram XD 1×11 + 1×12
FH Material Steel Alloy
End Caps: Quick Release Front 9mm x 100mm / Quick Release Rear 10mm x 135mm Thru-Axle Front 15mm x 100mm / Thru-Axle Rear 12mm x 142mm **Boost Front 15mm x 110mm / **Boost Rear 12mm x 148mm **Lefty Front Hub

Wheel Weights

(without QR’s or rim tape)

26″ Deore – Leader w/ Brass F ≈ 920g R ≈ 1100g Set ≈ 2020g
26″ XT – Race w/ Brass F ≈ 889g R ≈ 1071g Set ≈ 1960g
26″ ST170/ST300 – Race w/ Brass F ≈ 817g R ≈ 947g Set ≈ 1764g
26″ ST170/ST300 – Dlight w/ Alloy F ≈ 770g R ≈ 900g Set ≈ 1670g
27.5″ Deore – Leader w/ Brass F ≈ 945g R ≈ 1125g Set ≈ 2070g
27.5″ XT – Race w/ Brass F ≈ 914g R ≈ 1096g Set ≈ 2010g
27.5″ ST170/ST300 – Race w/ Brass F ≈ 842g R ≈ 972g Set ≈ 1814g
27.5″ ST170/ST300 – Dlight w/ Alloy F ≈ 798g R ≈ 925g Set ≈ 1720g
29er Deore – Leader w/ Brass F ≈ 975g R ≈ 1155g Set ≈ 2130g
29er XT – Race w/ Brass F ≈ 944g R ≈ 1126g Set ≈ 2070g
29er ST170/ST300 – Race w/ Brass F ≈ 872g R ≈ 1002g Set ≈ 1874g
29er ST170/ST300 – Dlight w/ Alloy F ≈ 825g R ≈ 955g Set ≈ 1780g

What Others Are Saying…

We will build this wheel set with any of the hub options above, but the standout from the list are the sealed bearing Speed Tuned ST170 (front) and ST300 (rear) convertible MTB 6-bolt disc hubs. The ST300 features 21 points of engagement with a solid freehub design.  The freehub can swap out between Sram XD and Shimano HG or Shimano MircoSpline (12TA only), (in case you swap bikes), and the end caps are convertible between a bunch of different axle standards.  True, the 21 POE has been eclipsed by many other higher POE count hubs that are currently in the marketplace, but it’s still higher than DT’s ubiquitous 18 POE Star Ratchet piece found in 350 hubs.  Last but not least, these hubs feature superlative sealed cartridge bearings that spin smooth, and will hold up for the long haul.

In “stock” form, these wheels are built with Sapim Leader black stainless steel 2.0mm (14g) J-bend spokes in a 32 hole, three cross configuration front and rear.  These spokes are an upgrade over most “new bike” spokes.  Small details make big differences with regards to spoke wire, and even though there are lighter weight spoke options available, these straight gauge spokes still feature top quality stainless, with a precise finish that allows for precise wheel building.

There is an option to build these wheels with Sapim Race Double Butted 2.0/1.8/2.0 black spokes in a 32 hole, three cross configuration front, and rear.  Sapim Race spokes offer legendary quality and performance.  If you didn’t know a thing about spokes, know that your wheels would come with a really top-notch spoke product.  That being said, we’re offering a spoke upgrade option, in the form of Sapim DLight 2.0/1.65/2.0 spokes.  There are two great spoke manufacturers in the world, DT Swiss and Sapim, (in alphabetical order).  Essentially, you might be able to find a spoke product that approaches their quality, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a company that makes a better spoke product than these two.  All their spoke products, from straight gauge to their elliptically bladed and butted products, are all the best of the best.  Sapim Dlight spokes will perform at the same relative level as Sapim Race or DT Competition spokes but will shave off approximately 75 – 80g from the wheelset.

The Sun Helix TR25 is a stellar wheelset option, in a field that’s composed of some of the best aluminum alloy MTB rims ever.  Given their level of performance, they are an unbeatable deal, (coupon codes here).  We’re not joking around here.  If you don’t have a lot of time to research all the rim options in the marketplace, if you don’t have a lot of money, and if you can find this product page, maybe that’s Magic.

Should you buy this wheelset?  Entirely your call.  Should you watch this short but sweet rock climbing video?  Absolutely.  One More Fun One.

Make That Two.

Wheelset Facts

  • Comes with tubeless tape & valves installed.
  • The Sun Helix TR25 (sleeved joint), has a 20.8mm inner width, is 18.8mm tall, 24.8mm wide, and weighs about 435g (26″), 452g (27.5″) or 480g (29er)
  • Recommended for use with 26″ / 27.5″ / 29er x 1.5″ – 2.25″ tires
  • These wheels are built with internal stainless steel washers.
  • Wheelset weight will vary with end caps, freehub driver, and nipple selection.  Tape + Valves adds approximately 35g for the wheelset, on average.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 7 × 26 in


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